FAQs & Policies2023-03-17T10:08:19-05:00

FAQs & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Piney Park have a smoking area?2023-03-14T18:07:06-05:00

Yes, we have a designated smoking area in the parking lot. Smoking is not permitted inside the park entrance.

Are pets allowed?2023-03-14T18:07:27-05:00

No, we do not allow animals in the park unless it is a service animal.

At what age is a child free?2023-03-14T18:07:32-05:00

Children age 2 and under are free!

Can I rent a wheelchair?2023-03-14T18:07:37-05:00

Yes, you may rent a wheelchair. We have a limited number of wheelchairs available and they are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Please inquire at the gift shop.

Are pictures with Santa free?2023-03-14T18:07:41-05:00

Yes, you are welcome to take a picture with Santa on your phone or camera free of charge! Most days, we will offer a professional picture that is optional to purchase.

Is Piney Park wheelchair and stroller friendly?2023-03-14T18:07:46-05:00

Generally, yes. The majority of our attractions may be accessed on an asphalt path.

Do you have any discounts?2023-03-14T18:07:51-05:00

Yes, please check our Calendar Page for special discounted nights. Also, we frequently do giveaways on our Facebook page, so make sure to like our page!

Can I bring outside food and drink?2023-03-14T18:07:56-05:00

No outside food or drink is allowed.

We have worked hard to bring you the best food trucks and vendors from around the East Texas and Shreveport / Bossier areas and we are confident you will find something you like!

Do I have to pay for activities once I get into the Park?2023-03-14T18:08:01-05:00

No, all activities are included in your admission!

Food and drinks, merchandise, wheelchair rentals, stroller rentals, and professional pictures are not included in your admission and require an additional purchase.

Do you have restrooms?2023-03-14T18:08:05-05:00

Yes, restrooms are located near the Piney Park entrance.

Are handicap parking spots available?2023-03-14T18:08:10-05:00

Yes, we have a limited number of handicap spots available towards the main entrance of Piney Park.

Is parking free?2023-03-14T18:08:15-05:00

Yes, parking at Piney Park is free!

Do you accept cash and card?2023-03-14T18:08:20-05:00

Yes, we accept both forms of payment.

How do I purchase tickets to Piney Park?2023-03-14T18:08:25-05:00

Online: click HERE to purchase tickets in advance online.
In-person: There is a ticket booth at the park entrance for walk up ticket purchases.

We accept cash AND cards at the gate.

Piney Park Policies

Refund Policy2023-03-14T18:09:17-05:00

We do not provide refunds unless you purchased refund insurance. Refund insurance is an additional $1 at the time of your ticket purchase.

Severe Inclement Weather Policy2023-03-14T18:06:24-05:00

We plan to keep Piney Park open unless we determine there is severe inclement weather. If we close Piney Park, we will exchange your ticket for a different day of equal value.

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